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Christian Scholar’s Review is pleased to announce the launch of “Christ Animating Learning”—an interdisciplinary and interactive forum focused on the relationship the Christian faith shares with the practices of teaching and scholarship. 

“Christ Animating Learning” launched Monday, with posts appearing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Readers can access it at or sign-up at   to receive e-mails alerting them when new content is available.  Posts will be archived and, as content is added, will be searchable.  The thrice-weekly posts are 500 to 1,500 words, focus on timely topics, and offer invitations for further dialogue.

This forum is coordinated by Perry Glanzer, the Editor-in Chief for Christian Scholar’s Review and Professor of Educational Foundations at Baylor University.  He believes “this resource will serve Christian scholars by filling a gap that currently exists in the area of intellectual discipleship.  Christian academics currently lack a ʻone-stop shopʼ for conversations and resources that discuss how Christ animates learning across a broad range of fields.  “Christ Animating Learning” is designed to fill this gap by providing a forum that both creates and curates these interdisciplinary faith and learning conversations in a way that draws leading Christian scholars from around the world.”  This forum is designed to complement the tradition of excellence established by the print journal.

Posts are drawn from a team of twenty-two prominent scholars and include: Crystal Downing (Wheaton College); Lisa Hosac (Grove City College); Russell Howell (Westmont College); Dave Johnstone (George Fox University);  Katie Kresser (Seattle Pacific University); Tom McLeish (University of York); Steve McMullen (Hope College); Eric Miller (Geneva College); Tim Muehlhoff (Biola University); Jenell Paris (Messiah University); Karen Swallow Prior (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary); Robert Reyes (Messiah University); Robert Chao Romero (UCLA); Derek Schuurman (Calvin University); David I. Smith (Calvin University); Kenman Wong (Seattle Pacific University); and George Yancey (Baylor University).  Trained in a range of disciplines, contributors will engage the interdisciplinary nature of conversations concerning the relationship shared by faith and learning.

These contributors will be joined by editors of CSR including: Perry L. Glanzer (Editor-in-Chief and Digital Editor, Baylor University); Margaret Diddams (Print Journal Editor); Todd Steen (Managing Editor, Hope College); and Mark Peters and Aron Reppmann (Co-Book Review Editors, Trinity Christian College).

For example, in the post that appeared Monday, Katie Kresser, Professor of Art at Seattle Pacific University, writes about innovation that derives from “an endlessly generative, universal Source.  Thinking about ʻoriginalityʼ in this latter way helps me connect the art world’s mania for novelty with my faith in the timelessness of God.  And more importantly, it helps me show my students how all the beauties of world culture are complementary, rhyming and connected—derived as they are from the same molten-hot, life-giving core.”

In the post appearing today, David I. Smith, Professor of Education and Director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning at Calvin University, shares “Snails, it turns out, have things to teach us, even for folk with advanced degrees.  Things that could be relevant to an online course.  Things that carry a faint echo of wisdom’s laughter at the delights of creation, as narrated in Proverbs 8.  Things that also have to do with how we use technology for learning, and with how we breathe, and with what we let each other get away with.”

Approaching its 50th anniversary and with a circulation of over 5000, Christian Scholar’s Review is a medium for communication among Christians called to the academic vocation.  Its objective is the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship and research, within and across the disciplines, that advances the integration of faith and learning. 

For further details, please go to and/or contact the Publisher for Christian Scholar’s Review, Todd C. Ream, at

Todd C. Ream

Indiana Wesleyan University
Todd C. Ream is Honors Professor of Humanities and Executive Director of Faculty Research and Scholarship at Indiana Wesleyan University, Senior Fellow for Public Engagement for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Senior Fellow for Programming for the Lumen Research Institute, and Publisher for Christian Scholar’s Review.  He is the author and editor of numerous books including (with Jerry Pattengale) The Anxious Middle: Planning for the Future of the Christian College (Baylor University Press, September 15, 2023).