Blog Submission Guidelines

Aims and Scope

The Christ Animating Learning Blog is a platform for cross-disciplinary conversations about how Christ can animate learning. These conversations could include any of the following.

  • Edited excerpts of a past or forthcoming book
  • Critique a current theory in your discipline from a Christian perspective
  • Share a brief e-mail interview with an author of a book or article (they want publicity for their book)
  • Write about a recent class experience where something came up regarding how Christ can animate learning.
  • A short e-mail interview with a Christian in your field about his/her work
  • Share your own thoughts about trends in your discipline as interpreted through faith
  • Link to a podcast you conduct with a brief overview of content (e.g. timestamps for topic transitions/content headers)
  • Recruit others in your subject area to write about the subjects above. This would also cut down your work and expand the conversation (and CSR’s reach).
  • Other imaginative musings on Christ and learning….

Submission Guidelines

All blog submissions must be

  • Uploaded as a Microsoft word document
  • Between 500 and 1500 words and include the following elements:
  • Include a title, author name, and preferred professional title

Any images, graphics, or designs included in your post must meet digital copyright expectations. Non-text elements that were not created by the author must include a proper citation and, in some instances, permission from the creator. Note: Authors are not responsible for finding a header image for your post, the CSR team will handle this unless the author requests a particular image.

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