Advertisements are subject to editorial review.  Reading notices or advertisements simulating editorial matter are not accepted.

Advertising Rates


Full Page Ad


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Mechanical Requirements

  • We can accept pdf files for ads; ads are black and white only.
  • Publication trim size is 6 x 9 inches.
  • The standards for scanning resolution are as follows:
  • grayscale images : should be 2 times the line screen
  • 150 line = 300 dpi (dots per inch) or 300 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • 133 line = 266 dpi / ppi
  • The lowest we can use without pixelization is 225 ppi.
  • For line art images: minimum 600 ppi, which will be slightly jagged; we suggest 1200 ppi
  • for very fine detail (drawings) may require 2400 ppi.
  • It is best to scan the image at the percentage it will be used if you are placing it into a pdf file.
  • If an ad is sent in application format and we have to size it, remember that enlarging an image will decrease the resolution, resulting in poor quality. Reductions will increase resolution.
  • Ad page is 4½ x 7½.

Issuance, Closing, and Cancellation Dates

  • Published quarterly on approximately October 15, January 15, April 15, and July 15.
  • Closing dates for ad orders are August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1.
  • Materials for advertisements must be received by August 15, November 15, February 15, and May 15.
  • Cancellations not accepted after closing dates.

Circulation Information

  • Rates based on a circulation of around 6,500; over 85% of the recipients are college professors.
  • Distribution to all faculty members of forty-three sponsoring colleges and universities as well as to subscribers and libraries in the USA, Canada, and other foreign countries.


  • Established in 1970.
  • Published independently by the Christian Scholar’s Review, a non-profit association. Costs, in part, are underwritten by the sponsoring educational institutions listed as sponsors on the masthead.

Questions & Inquiries

For all advertising questions, please contact:

Todd Steen, Managing Editor
Christian Scholar’s Review
Hope College, P.O. Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422-9000
Phone: 616-395-7582; Fax: 616-395-7490

UPS address is:
Todd Steen, Managing Editor
Christian Scholar’s Review
Hope College Dept. of Economics
41 Graves Place
Holland, MI 49423