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With great appreciation to Wheaton College and its Faith and Learning Program, Christian Scholar’s Review is pleased to share Tuesday’s (3/15) panel discussion with Mark A. Noll concerning the updated edition of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

The discussion, titled “The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind in a Social Media Age,” included panelists Theon Hill, Karen Johnson, Matthew Milliner, and Christa Tooley.  Mark Noll offered a response.  Provost Karen An-hwei Lee served as the moderator and President Philip Ryken served as a host. 

Regardless of where you serve, our hope is you and your colleagues will consider forming a reading group concerning this edition of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind and watch the panel discussion. 

Panel Discussion and Discussion Guide Now Available for Download

To aid in your efforts, Christian Scholar’s Review partnered with the book’s publisher, the William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, to prepare this discussion guide, also now available for download from the book’s website. 

In case you missed Indiana Wesleyan University’s President David W. Wright’s post on Tuesday in honor of the release of the updated edition of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, please find it at this link

Blessings to you and your colleagues during this Lenten Season

Todd C. ReamPublisher, Christian Scholar’s Review

Todd C. Ream

Taylor University
Todd C. Ream serves on the higher education and honors faculties at Taylor University, as a fellow with the Lumen Research Institute, and as the publisher for Christian Scholar’s Review.  He is the author or editor of numerous books including, most recently, Hesburgh of Notre Dame: The Church’s Public Intellectual.