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© 2016, Used by permission of the artist.

Black Lives Matter! Defund the Police! We often get immersed in the issue and forget the human aspect. These photos were created in response to the murders of African men, due to police violence. The mothers in Henry’s series of photos have not lost their sons but understand that their son could be next. Now, imagine this is your adult child’s lifeless body in your arms. What unimaginable pain would you feel? What trauma? How would you want others to first react to your anguish—by arguing the merits of an issue, or sitting in your pain? – Timothy Muehlhoff

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Jon Henry, “Untitled #19, Magnificent Mile, IL”, Christian Scholar’s Review, 51:3 , 313-314

Jon Henry

Jon Henry is a visual artist working with photography and text. His work reflects on family, sociopolitical issues, grief, trauma, and healing within the African American community. His work has been published both nationally and internationally and exhibited in numerous galleries including Aperture Foundation (Manhattan), Smack Mellon (Brooklyn), and BRIC (Brooklyn) among others. He was recently named one of the TIME Magazine NEXT100 for 2021