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The Editors of Christian Scholar’s Review are pleased to announce a decision in the awarding of the Charles J. Miller Christian Scholar’s Award for best article for Volume 47. The winners are George Yancey and Michael O. Emerson for their article “Having Kids: Assessing Differences in Fertility Desires between Religious and Nonreligious Individuals.” The article appeared in Volume 47.3. Dr. Emerson is the Provost of North Park University while Dr. Yancey is Professor of Sociology at the University of North Texas. This article is an excellent example of a core aspect of the mission of CSR in drawing together interdisciplinary considerations of key questions providing healthy fodder for highly timely conversations among Christians around these issues.

The Editors are also pleased to announce the advent of the new Christian Scholar’s Review website. I encourage you to go visit it at This project is the result of the hard work of our Managing Editor, Todd Steen, who has worked tirelessly on it for two years. It is still a work in progress, as they say, but it represents both a necessary updating of our online presence and also a new opportunity for the journal to move into alternate content publishing. Please visit the new site, with the understanding that it is still an evolving and incomplete project and that we will be announcing and introducing many exciting new features in the coming months and years. With respect to publishing, the expansion of our digital online capacities will allow us to consider new types of content, especially things like interviews, video presentations, panels, podcasts, blog content and so forth. Please pass the word, consider yourself, and encourage your colleagues to also consider inquiring with our editorial team if you already have material that would be fitting or if you would like to write or produce content that fits our mission which might be published in this new venture.

Mark Bowald

Grace College and Seminary
General Editor at Christian's Scholar Review.