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Christian Scholar’s Review Blog seeks to serve as an interdisciplinary forum for discussing how Christ animates learning. 


Due to the easy global reach of the digital medium, our audience will be Christian academics, graduate students, and students worldwide. In particular, we envision becoming a resource and conversation platform for young and developing Christian scholars who are eager to explore how Christ animates learning.  We also hope to reach church leaders and other highly educated Christian who are interested in understanding how Christ animates learning in various disciplines.


We, the CSR leadership, seek to serve Christian scholars by filling a gap that currently exists in the area of intellectual discipleship. Christian academics currently lack a “one-stop shop” for conversations and resources that discuss how Christ animates learning across a broad range of fields. We envision the CSR blog filling this gap by providing a forum that both creates and curates these interdisciplinary faith and learning conversations in a way that draws leading Christian scholars from around the world. The word “interdisciplinary” is important, because we do not want to replace or in any way undermine discipline-specific professional societies and journals related to Christian faith and learning. Overall, our long-term goal is to develop a faithful audience that returns to the web site continually because the site gives an obvious benefit to the reader. 


  • Who: We will recruit at least fifteen individuals, and perhaps more, to post once every three to four weeks. Perry Glanzer will serve as the final blog editor.
  • Frequency: Starting August 24th we will post something to the blog every day.  
  • What: Cross-disciplinary conversations about how Christ can animate learning. These conversations could include any of the following (500-1500 words). 
    • Edited excerpts of a past or forthcoming book
    • Critique a current theory in your discipline from a Christian perspective
    • Share a brief e-mail interview with an author of a book or article (they want publicity for their book)
    • Write about a recent class experience where something came up regarding how Christ can animate learning.
    • A short e-mail interview with a Christian in your field about his/her work
    • Share your own thoughts about trends in your discipline as interpreted through faith
    • Link to a podcast you conduct with a brief overview of content (e.g. timestamps for topic transitions/content headers)
    • Recruit others in your subject area to write about the subjects above. This would also cut down your work and expand the conversation (and CSR’s reach).  
    • Other imaginative musings on Christ and learning…..

Perry L. Glanzer

Baylor University
Perry L. Glanzer, Ph.D., is Professor of Educational Foundations and a Resident Scholar with Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion.