December 2, 2023 in Saturdays at Seven Podcast

“Third Way Solutions” ft. Westmont College’s Gayle D. Beebe I Saturdays at Seven Ep. 12

In the twelfth episode of the “Saturdays at Seven” conversation series, Todd Ream talks with Gayle D. Beebe, President of Westmont College. Gayle talks about how his approach to leadership…
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November 30, 2023 in Blog, Book Review

Inkling, Historian, Soldier, and Brother: A Life of Warren Hamilton Lewis

A number of biographies have been written about Warren Hamilton Lewis’s younger brother, C. S. Lewis, but Don King is the first scholar to undertake a biography of the elder…
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November 29, 2023 in Blog

What Librarians Can Teach Us about Spiritual Formation in the Classroom

After my recent transition from my role as an academic librarian to an appointment as a theology professor at my institution, I wrote a post about the parallels between the…
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November 28, 2023 in Blog

The threat of AI is not that it will consciously take over: The threat is that we will unconsciously let it

You’ve heard the story. Advanced technology is created, turns deviant, and coldly proceeds to supplant humanity.  It is one of the more enduring science fiction tropes. From the cautionary imagery…
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November 27, 2023 in Blog

Beauty and the End of Education

When you find out you are expecting your first baby—before you tell anyone else—the Internet already knows. It also assumes that you will be making space in your home to…
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November 18, 2023 in Saturdays at Seven Podcast

“On Par With, But Distinct From” ft. the University of Notre Dame’s John T. McGreevy I Saturdays at Seven Ep. 11

In the eleventh episode of the “Saturdays at Seven” podcast, Todd Ream interviews John T. McGreevy, the Charles and Jill Fischer Provost and the Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History…
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