Over the course of nearly 50 years, Christian Scholar’s Review has established a reputation as the premier academic journal for the relationship Christian thought shares with all areas of scholarly inquiry. CSR now invites applications and nominations for an editor who will help lead the journal into the next chapter of its history. 

Popular and academic publishing efforts are engaged in navigating a host of disruptive forces. CSR’s next editor will prove to be someone invested in the habits of scholarship that helped the journal establish its reputation. The next editor will also be someone who views those forces as opportunities to expand the journal’s ability to fulfill its mission and serve an expanding audience. As a result, the desired qualities for the next editor include:

  1. A practicing member of an historically orthodox Christian congregation;
  2. Experience in publishing how the Christian faith impacts one’s area or areas of expertise;   
  3. A reputation as a leader in one’s area or areas of scholarly expertise;
  4. Experience publishing for academic (and perhaps popular) audiences;      
  5. Experience editing for academic (and perhaps popular) audiences;      
  6. An ability to cultivate a vision for points of interdisciplinary inquiry that contributors to the journal could then address;
  7. Collaborative working relationships with scholars within and beyond one’s area of expertise;
  8. A developing network that includes academic administrators, faculty members, editors, publishers, and ecclesial leaders;
  9. A commitment to enhancing the reputation the print journal established for excellence related to its mission; and 
  10. A commitment to partnering with members of the editorial staff to utilize other mediums to deliver content that advances the journal’s mission.  

Scholars interested in being considered for this position should send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to the publisher, Todd Ream, via e-mail todd.ream@taylor.edu. Members of the search committee plan to review names, interview finalists, and announce their decision this summer. Any queries concerning the journal, this position, and the process can also be directed to the publisher.     

Todd C. Ream

Taylor University
Todd C. Ream is professor of higher education at Taylor University and a distinguished fellow with the Lumen Research Institute. He is the co-author and co-editor of many books, including, most recently, Restoring the Soul of the University, and contributes to a wide variety of publications including About Campus, Christianity Today, First Things, Gastronomica, Inside Higher Ed, Modern Theology, New Blackfriars, Notre Dame Magazine, The Review of Higher Education, and Teachers College Record.